Brad Stevens on the cure for his team's desperate shot selection

Whatever the reason for the Celtics numerous missed jams and layups in Game Four against the Cleveland Cavaliers, I doubt we will see a repeat of that.

According to the NBA's Taylor Snow, Boston missed 15 shots at the rim, and had they made half of them, we could have expected a different outcome. "The missed dunks. Those happen." is what coach Brad Stevens had to say about the wayward shot attempts.

Stevens also cited poor decision-making and Cleveland's physical play in the paint as other culprits. Desperate, rushed shot attempts were also to blame as the Celtics fell into a 19-point hole in the first half. Home court and the loyal Boston fans may help cure a lot of that (per NBA's Taylor Snow):

"On some plays at the rim, [the Cavs] have done a great job of getting to us, contesting us, making it as tough as possible," Stevens via conference call with the media. "And at that time, we either have to finish with authority, or we have to make a kick-out (pass).”

One of the reasons why Boston's offense struggled in this area was because it was generally playing too rushed. The C’s fell behind by as many as 19 points during the first half, which naturally caused them to play with a sense of desperation.

“Sometimes you get that way when you’re behind so much,” said Stevens. “You try to hit home runs and you try to do that kind of stuff. Obviously you’re playing against the best of the best on a great stage and I thought that we did get hurried a little bit."

So the series is tied at 2-and-2 and Game Five is at home tonight. The Celtics could certainly use some Shane Larkin energy if he is able to play, but it might also give Cleveland another chance at a mismatch for Lebron James. A lineup change? With Brad, no one ever knows. One thing is for sure. We won't be seeing so many rushed, desperate shot attempts. Not at home in front of Boston fans.

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Photo via Maddie Meyer/Getty Images North America