Ainge talks Hayward, Irving return dates, Rozier/Smart offseason choice

Danny Ainge has let the world know (again) how he feels about Gordon Hayward and Kyrie Irving suiting up this postseason.

After folks saw Kyrie on a treadmill in a recent open practice, and with little word (and perhaps unexpected advancement with potential for more), a lot of minds began thinking things we probably shouldn't - mine included.

I didn't, of course, think Irving was going to play for Boston, but thought perhaps there's an outside chance Hayward could. Obviously, his doctors wouldn't clear him if it were safe to play - but the gulf between "safe" and "effective" is a big one - I, for example, am "safe" to play, should the Celts needs a 42-year old, 6'2 center.
SPOILER ALERT: OK, not really - no spoilers here, as we've been hearing this for some time now. On a recent interview for the Toucher and Rich show, Danny reiterated neither Irving nor Hayward will be playing this season. Period. And at this point, I'm inclined to agree - if he were getting close, we'd be hearing whispers from someone, somewhere. 

Even if only to mess with the heads of opposing coaches, and perhaps get them to waste valuable time contingency planning for something that almost certainly isn't going to happen.

But to date, nada.

He also answered another question that's begun to flare up in light of Terry Rozier's amazing play - and Marcus Smart's crucial defense, "which one of the two will you keep?".

To hear the answer to that one, however, you're going to have listen. 

Unsurprisingly, in a perfect world, Ainge - like most of us - would prefer to hang on to both.

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