THE JAY-TEAM is for real - even Charles Barkley says so

In his NBA TV broadcast this morning, analyst Charles Barkley is still picking the Milwaukee Bucks to win the series versus the Boston Celtics. But as the video highlights of last night's game played, a Bucks 104-102 victory, he gave some accolades to THE JAY-TEAM duo of Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum.

"Jaylen Brown is becoming a star, America" is what Sir Charles had to say. Brown's offense was struggling early on, but he came alive, putting the team on his back and keeping them in the game. He had 34 points for the game, a new career high, on dead-on accuracy. He shot 54% on field goals, 63% on three-pointers and 75% on free throws. Jaylen had the highest plus/minus (+10) on the team.

Jaylen just keeps getting better. This game was a real test for Brown and his JAY-TEAM partner, Jayson Tatum. A close game away from home against a talented Milwaukee crew that is out to show just how good they are. Slowing down Giannis Antetokounmpo, Kris Middleton and now, Jabari Parker has been tough. Thon Maker has come out of nowhere as a shot blocker, and even an offensive outside threat.

Tatum also had some issues in the first half but settled down and ended up notching 21 points, three rebounds and three assists. His shots started to fall, and they were vital in keeping the game close. It is also noteworthy that both Jaylen and Jayson each only had one turnover for the whole game. Charles also had a comment on the future of THE JAY-TEAM. "Him (Brown) and Tatum in next 10 years gonna be fun to watch together" was his statement.

There are few naysayers when it comes down to the question of Brown and Tatum heading to stardom in the League. This single game told us a lot. Keeping their composure and poise away from home and bringing the Celtics back from a deep deficit and close to a win was revealing. The team comes home for Tuesday's game five, and the crowd will be noisy. Hey, this is Boston.

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Photo via David Liam Kyle/NBAE