NBA playoff rosters due in nine days - will Gordon Hayward be on Boston's?

Is Celtics Coach Brad Stevens kidding or not? We are close to finding out.

Every NBA team that will participate in this year's post-season is required to submit a 15-man roster by 3:00 P.M. on April 13, 2018. We know Brad said that he just might list Gordon as questionable (meaning he is on that roster) "just to mess with people". The question is - was he joking or not?

Here is my take on this. Despite all of the protestations to the contrary, Danny Ainge and Brad Stevens are still not 100% sure that Hayward will not be back later in the playoffs. Gordon and the Celtics would never take a chance on a re-injury and will most likely wait until next season.

But I truly believe that Brad was half-joking but still covering the very slight possibility that Gordon may return this season.

My point is this. Don't be totally shocked if Hayward's name appears on the Celtics playoff roster. It wouldn't mean he will definitely play, and it would serve "to mess with people". There is always a bit of truth in a joke, and that may apply here. The greatest tragedy would be the return of Hayward and a subsequent re-injury. In nine days we will know.

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