Celtics Gordon Hayward has progressed to unassisted running - very slowly

Don't get too excited about this news, but Gordon Hayward is back to running with no assist from the AlterG treadmill. But we are not talking blinding sprints here. I have been waiting for this progression in Hayward's rehab and I love seeing him running on the hardwood. It is a major step.

But Coach Brad Stevens is always ready to caution fans about Gordon's progress. We expect to hear he is a "long, long way away" but wouldn't a single "long" have sufficed. Sprinting and jumping are power moves for a basketball player, and we can expect to see those moves down the line. Please make note of the fact I did not say "way, way down the line".

Gordon can obviously run much faster than is seen on the video, and it must be tough for him to contain himself and follow the rehab staff guidelines. We now await the next videos showing Hayward sprinting, jumping and moving laterally with confidence. But what we saw above is a big step for him.

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Photo via Winslow Townson/AP