Celtics Daniel Theis walking without crutches after six weeks

Daniel Theis is off his crutches and is out for his first walk without them. Daniel is on the Celtics playoff roster, but don't expect to see him in uniform for Game Seven.

Daniel suffered a torn meniscus roughly six weeks ago and underwent surgical repair on the knee. It was never expected that he would be back for the regular season or the playoffs, and that still seems to be the case.

But just for the sake of quality-of-life for our likable German import, it is great to see him out there walking with no assistance. Theis certainly proved his value to the team prior to his injury. His constant movement and defense sold us on his fit with he team, but we also found he could shoot the ball, even from three-point-land.

And he can rebound. His minutes kept increasing as the season progressed, and the Celtics could certainly use his services now against the Bucks. He could do a solid defensive job on either Giannis Antetokounmpo or Kris Middleton while assisting with scoring and rebounding. As for now, though, great to see keine Kruken (not perfect, Brother Andrej, but I'm only one-quarter German).

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Photo via Christopher Evans/Boston Herald