Brad Stevens to Terry Rozier - chip-on-shoulder OK, ejection is not

It started when Terry Rozier mistakenly referred to the Bucks Eric Bledsoe as Drew Bledsoe. Later, when Bledsoe was asked about Terry Rozier, he indicated he didn't know who he was. Just verbal banter to this point.

Verbal banter turned to physical last night in Game Five of the series versus Milwaukee. It started out looking like a game of pinball, only both pieces were in motion. They just kept bumping, and bouncing, off each other.

Bledsoe also happened to bounce into a referee, who wasn't supposed to be part of the pinball contest, as Terry threw him off the court. Drew - er - Eric picked up a Flagrant One foul and Terry got a dead-ball technical. I am assuming Terry's technical had to do with the basketball being dead and not T-Ro's bump-and-bounce routine. Take a look at the brief video below and make your own assessment.

Coach Brad Stevens took the opportunity to inform T-Ro how important he is to the team's success. Ejection from a present game, and possible suspension for a future contest would put enormous pressure on an already-depleted squad.(per NESN's Joshua Schrock):

“I just walked up to Terry and told him, ‘you’re really important to us,'” Stevens said. “So that’s what I told him. And then other than that, you know, I do want him to play with a chip and I do want him to play aggressive, we just need him on the court.”

So a chip on the shoulder is just fine - even necessary. But ejection is not okay, particularly now. Lesson learned. Game Six is on for Thursday. Let the chips fall where they may, but hopefully in the Celtics' favor.

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