Brad Stevens - NBA's MacGyver as Coach-of-Year front-runner

Could someone please help me here. What else does Brad Stevens have to accomplish to finally get the NBA Coach-of-the-Year Award? One of his three best players, Gordon Hayward, played a whopping five minutes the entire season. Another of the top-3, Kyrie Irving, only played 60 games and will not participate in the remaining games, including playoffs. Injuries have plagued the entire League, but it appears no team has suffered as much as the Celtics.

With all of the mishaps, Boston is up to 54 wins with three games to go in the regular season. Record-wise, this is the best season for Boston under Brad Stevens.

MacGyver was a television series where the main character had the knack of creating something out of virtually nothing. I have previously compared Brad's strategies to duct tape, and I will take the comparison a step further. The following describes MacGyver (per Wikipedia):

...he always carries a Swiss Army knife and a roll of duct tape.
MacGyver's persistence and the improvisational nature of his plans make him difficult to thwart.

Swiss Army knife - duct tape - persistent - improvisational - difficult to thwart. Sounds like Stevens, right? You bet it does. A total of 54 wins and counting. Second in the Eastern Conference. Lineups where television viewers, and even fans in the stadium, have difficulty identifying Celtics players.

Is he a D-Leaguer? Is that guy a two-way contract guy? Who is #60? These are the questions. Brad Stevens as Coach-of-the-Year? Voters who cast their ballots elsewhere need to seriously look into their moral fiber. Brad would be the first one to tell us that COY does not mean that much to him and that winning is what he strives for. Well he has won under horrendous circumstances. It is time for him to get the award.

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Photo via Kevin Jaira/USA TODAY Sports