The Rajon Rondo/Isaiah Thomas beef continues

The two great former Boston Celtics' point-guards are at it again! Rajon Rondo and Isaiah Thomas had another incident in last night's New Orleans Pelicans vs. Los Angeles Lakers game.
Again, the entire episode was instigated by Rondo! He saw that Thomas was d'ing him up, and decided to go hard at him toward the basket. I love the ruthless and very public hate the he has for Isaiah.

This persistent fiasco started because of the infamous double-booking of an Isaiah Thomas tribute video on the night of Paul Pierce's number retirement ceremony. Rondo was one of many who weren't happy with the arrangements.

About a month later, the Pelicans and Lakers met and things got a bit physical between the two.

Both players were ejected from the game. Afterward, Isaiah had this to say about the situation:

Yesterday's matchup was the last time this season that the two teams will meet, so there shouldn't be any more fireworks for a while.

The Pelicans won yesterday's game 128-125. Isaiah scored 15 points, but turned the ball over 6 times in just 25 minutes of action. Rajon dropped a 20-point, 10-assist double-double on IT's head. He finished with 24 points and 10 assists.

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Photo: AP Photos