Rozier hits 8 threes and goes off for 33 points in Brown's return as the Celtics win third straight (videos)

Terry Rozier scored game-high 33 points as he hit 8 threes on the night and became the very first player in NBA history to get 33 points, 8 threes, 5 rebounds and 5 steals in a single game! Jaylen Brown returned from 2-week absence and posted 19 points, including some nice actions above the rim. Al Horford chipped in with 14 points, five boards and eight assists on the night.

Jayson Tatum started the game very strong, scoring all his 12 points in the first half as he finished with 12/7/2 statline and the Celtics won third straight. A big reason for that was Boston's team defense so don't forget to watch the defensive highlights!

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