Kyrie Irving undergoes operation, expected back in 3-6 weeks

Kyrie Irving has undergone his knee operation, which evidently was to remove a tension wire present to help stabilize the hardware inserted into his left kneecap, which he fractured in 2015.

The recovery time noted by the Boston Celtics - three to six weeks - could see Irving back on the court in time to play at least some of the first round, though one would expect that the actual date of Kyrie's return will probably come later in the second round unless Boston looks to be in trouble early on in the postseason.

The procedure, which has repeatedly been called "minimally invasive", seems to have been a success, though we won't know for sure until the All Star point guard has actually healed and played significant minutes. Celtics fans everywhere should - for now, anyway - breathe a collective sigh of relief, as what we're (finally) hearing is far less problematic than what some feared.

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Image: Mary Schwalm/Boston Globe
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