Al Horford scores his 10,000th career points vs. Chicago Bulls

Al Horford has gotten a bucket or two in his time, and last night was certainly no exception.

Horford, a former Florida Gator who is currently in the middle of his eleventh NBA season after nine with the Atlanta Hawks and one prior with the Boston Celtics, scored his 10,000 career point last night in a tilt with the Chicago Bulls, joining a prolific if not small club of some of the league's best players.

Al didn't have too much to say about reaching that lofty career plateau, except to downplay it in his typical modest fashion (per CelticsWire's Greg Casoli): "...that’s what happens when you play a lot of years."

Horford, not known to be a go-to guy on offense to an extent that sometimes causes displeasure among fans reaching this milestone was not lost on coach Brad Stevens, who said (per Casoli):

"Quite an accomplishment, obviously, for a guy who scoring doesn’t matter to ... I think that says it all."

Congratulations, Al - even if the strengths of your game may be elsewhere, it's no small feat to reach that milestone. We're glad to have had you on board for the achievement - let's celebrate it by getting some hardware to match.

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Image: Jeff Haynes/NBAE
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