Watch: Jaylen Brown and Brian Scalabrine freestyle

If you told me you had a video of Jaylen Brown freestyling, I wouldn't be surprised.

I'd expect it to be on a conscious tip, some deep cerebral bars over some avante-garde beat, and I wouldn't be surprised if it was good, as Jaylen doesn't seem to be the type to let whack ish see the light of day.

If you told me had a video of Brian Scalabrine rapping, however, I'd probably put my coffee down, lest I spit it on my keyboard while watching. Don't get me wrong, Scal is really good at a lot of things - some of which even involve microphones - but part of the reason I have such a soft spot for the guy is that he's almost as goofy as I am, and thus my expectations of his bars are, shall we say, low.

But! I actually have a video of both of them freestyling - and to be perfectly honest, while Scal does briefly morph into the guy at the party you really wish hadn't mentioned your love of hip-hop to while they drunkenly break you off a verse, most of the exchange is pretty solid. Check out the video above, and see them go at it for yourself.

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Image: Only In Boston
Video: NBC Boston
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