The mystery surrounding Kevin Garnett's anti-gravitational hoodie

Kyrie Irving has his questionable Flat Earth Theory. Gordon Hayward is into the AlterG anti-gravity treadmill and virtual reality training. Now I actually understand all three concepts. What I don't understand is what the hell keeps former Celtic, Kevin Garnett's hoodie on his head.

I truly believe he could play all 48 minutes of a full-court game, and it would remain in place. Watch this clip in the tweet below. The damn thing doesn't move.

Is it tape? Paul Pierce thinks so. Garnett maintains it is the way he shaves his head to give the hood traction. Traction??? Velcro might do it. In the 1960's, I worked as a Research Engineer for National Research Corporation in Cambridge, MA, the inventor of the Space Blanket which defied the existing laws of heat transmission. My project was the now-common plastic foam ear plugs that defied the laws of sound reduction and ended up in the Museum of Art under Humble Masterpieces.

So I am not buying any anti-gravity or traction-creating head-shaving theories. I am going with a tape or tape/Velcro combo. Feel free to submit your own ideas.

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Photo via Elise Amendola/AP