How to bet on basketball games?

Which is your most favourite sport to bet on? Whichever it may be, you must certainly bet on a sport that helps you lower your overall betting risk and increases your profits. You’d be surprised to know that basketball is by far the simplest of all the sports to bet on. It’s quite like football in the manner that you have point spreads and an under/over number involved in both the sports.

Apart from betting on basketball to increase your punting profits, you could also use a website such as which has all the free bet offers you might need. Basketball betting is extremely popular in the US, particularly with regard to the NCAA men’s tournament. It’s offered at two major levels – one is to do with NCAA college basketball and the other is about NBA basketball betting. As you might be aware, NBA is popular all over the world and attracts a great deal of betting action.

Let’s now take a look at the different types of bets you can place on basketball games, so you can not only stay ahead on the scoreboard, but in the bank as well.

Spread bets

Most popular betting type when it comes to the sport of basketball, you get a spread set on almost every college and professional basketball match in the US. The spread actually represents the number of points in favour of a team beating the other. So for instance, if LA Lakers is going up against Chicago Bulls in the next NBA match, and there’s a 4-point spread on LA Lakers, it implies that they are the favourites to beat the Bulls by a margin of 4 points. Here’s all the latest on LA Lakers from their page on

So in this case you could either back the favourite or the underdog. Betting on the favourite would imply that LA Lakers would need to register win against the Bulls by at least 4 points. If you back the underdog, you’d win the bet even if the Bulls lose by 3 points. If you’re someone who actively bets on Chicago Bulls, you could stay updated about them through their page on

Money line bets

Not as commonly placed as the spread bets, money line bets are nevertheless an option provided to the interested basketball punters. Money line bets on basketball are essentially about betting on the team you expect to win straight up. All that matters are wins and the number of points don’t come into the picture. Although certain odds might be offered on both the teams, to make the payouts smaller or juicier, it’s mostly about the favourite team and what kind of money you stand to win if you back it.

Over/under betting

These types of basketball bets are self-explanatory. You have a total predefined for each and every basketball game and you need to predict if the final outcome of the game would be over or under that predefined total.

Final word

You could use any of the above-detailed basketball bet types and make some handsome money for yourself! However, please ensure that you bet only on the major basketball events and use the right strategy to swing the odds in your favour.