Video: Ainge unworried about playing IT video on Paul Pierce's day

There's been an ugly undercurrent running through a subsection of Boston Celtics fandom of late, and it's time we put it to bed.

Upon hearing Isaiah Thomas did not want a tribute video played last night when he made a return to the Garden, many decried his behavior as "salty", the decision for him to sit that game "cowardly" (as if it was his decision alone), and the request to forego a tribute video "presumptuous".

Except, none of those things were true.

Thomas had been pissed off at Danny Ainge, that was true - but after all he'd given the team, who wouldn't be? He's since made peace with Danny, made it clear he bears neither him nor the city and its fans ill will, and as Ainge makes clear in this video, respectfully requested any such tribute videos be screened at a later date if they were planning one. Maybe the inexplicable IT hate actually is rooted in concrete things many of us in the media have somehow missed, but based on all first-person reporting I have seen to date, Thomas has been a consummate professional about this whole ordeal.

When all is said and done, it is a business after all, as Danny made crystal clear in his pursuit of Banner 18 this summer. But there's no need to pile on a guy who gave everything he should have and a whole lot more to Boston for things he isn't saying or doing - so watch the video above for a clearer perspective on how things IT have been going down from a man who should know, Ainge himself.

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Image: Matt Stone/Boston Herald
Video: NBC Boston
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