Should the Celtics consider Andrew Bogut once again?

First of all, don't get irritated at the question. My quick answer is - NO! Andrew-me-no-more-Boguts. But we are dealing with a major dealer in NBA talent by the name of Danny Ainge. One never can say for sure what he is thinking or what he will do.

We are not talking about signing Andrew long-term and hoping like hell he will remain injury-free. The Celtics would be looking at a vet-minimum situation for the remainder of the year. He played less than one minute last year for the Cavaliers and went down with a serious leg injury. He has played in 24 games this season for the Lakers and has averaged 9.0 minutes per game. That is 216-times better than his total minutes with the Cavaliers, but it certainly doesn't put him in the all-time NBA durability list with the likes of A. C. Green (1,192 consecutive games played).

Cleveland apparently doesn't want Bogut back. They probably are perturbed at the $385,000-per-minute pay rate they forked over for his services last season. But seriously, this is a guy with a truly awful injury history. So how about the Celtics and Bogut joining up.

First of all, Andrew is big at 7' and 260 pounds. He is a very good rebounder, passer and defender and a tough guy to move from under the hoop. He has a great basketball IQ and is an excellent locker room presence. He can score under the hoop or close to it but has virtually no 3-point shot. My quick reaction, and probably my longer-term thought, is that the Celtics should by-pass him. But if a better candidate doesn't present himself, Danny just may bite. Are there any limits on the number of Aussie's allowed on any one team?

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Photo via Luis Sinco/Los Angeles Times