Kyrie requested Gronk for a cameo in Nike commercial

For Boston sports fans, friendships between athletes from different teams in the city has become commonplace over the years. As we saw with former Boston Celtics point guard Isaiah Thomas and New England Patriots quarterback a.k.a. God himself, Tom Brady, last winter, the two became very close to the point of Thomas making appearances at Gillette Stadium during the Patriots playoff run.

Arguably the most famous active Boston athlete next to Brady, all-pro tight end Rob Gronkowki has been very popular around the city as well. And not just by fans.

I don’t think anyone living around Boston can forgot the hundreds of Dunkin’ Donuts commercials that Gronk appeared in with recently retired Boston Red Sox slugger, David Ortiz. All of summer 2016 our TVs were filled with ridiculous, yet hilarious music videos of the two lounging pool-side enjoying some iced-coffee.

However while unbeknownst to many sports fans, the Canton-bound Gronkowski has also been friends with a face very familiar to Celtics Nation for quite some time now.

Per his interview with reporters the other day, Celtics star point guard Kyrie Irving noted he’s been friends with Gronk for years which actually led to the Patriots pro-bowler’s cameo in his new Nike ad.

Promoting his newest shoe, the Kyrie 4, Irving actually did a pretty awesome job with the commercial in general. From continuing to stir the pot with a literal statue (if you will) of a flat Earth, to showing some love to one of his best friends/Celtic teammate Jayson Tatum with a cameo (JT loves his popcorn), to having Gronk read off lines from Sun Tzu’s The Art of War, he definitely hit the nail on the head. This guy's even got vegans out here singing his praises!

Amongst other reasons he listed for the Patriot tight-end's appearance, Uncle Drew simply said, “It just makes the commercial that much better.”

The MVP candidate was absolutely right as it made for a hell of a promo. For Celtics, Patriots, and fans of Boston sports in general, as much as an exciting time for all our teams as it is right now, it only makes it that much cooler to see guys from different squads connecting.

Hopefully we can see these two guys work together in the near future again!

What did you guys think about Gronk’s cameo in Kyrie’s newest commercial? Let us know in the comments below!

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Screenshot via Nike's Youtube
Screenshot via Dunkin' Donuts Youtube