CLPod 48: The Pick Swap/CLP crossover II - NBA Global Games London

"London calling to the faraway towns; now war is declared, and battle come down..."

There's a clash coming soon to London, and I'm not talking about the one who wrote the lyrics quoted above - it's the Boston Celtics who will take on the Philadelphia 76ers in a match taking place in the capital of the United Kingdom this Thursday, January 11th.

To that end, CelticsLife's Justin Quinn has teamed up with Sports Talk Philly's Josh Liddick to bring you another crossover podcast where they dive into each team's season since we last linked up, how each team looks after a stacked December to account for both team's trip across the pond, how Boston stands in the contention race and even whether or not Isaiah Thomas should have his tribute on the same night as Paul Pierce from an outside perspective.
Like the December schedule, this episode is jammed full of content, so whether you're putting some petrol in your lorry, home on holiday mowing the garden or eating some chips in your flat, give this podcast a listen - we'll help you translate all the things you need to know for this week's big game.

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