The Al Horford-Marcus Smart connection - just like clockwork

I have written In CelticsLife previously my feelings that Marcus Smart needs to see more time on the court with Al Horford. My meaning was that Al finds ways to get Marcus the ball in advantageous situations. Well apparently that clockwork-like connection works both ways.

Last night in Boston's victory over the Milwaukee Bucks, three of Horford's baskets were assisted by Smart, with two of them coming in the crucial fourth quarter. Al shot 8-of-10 from the field on his way to 20 points, nine rebounds and eight assists. The Celtics may not become the next Lob City, but the alley-oops are working. Here are Al's thought via MassLive's Jay King:

I think (alley-oops have) kind of been there," Horford said. "I just think that we just - Smart is comfortable making those plays. And he really does a good job of reading the defense whether it's (an opening for the big men) or to swing it across to get the 3.

Horford was interviewed after the game and gave his thoughts on the win, his production and the importance of Marcus Smart in the outcome. The following via NBA TV:

Normally I don't start the fourth (quarter), but coach thought we needed to set the tone. Marcus Smart did a great job finding me and gave me a lot of easy looks at the rim.

So it does work both ways, and very well indeed. There is a synergy between the two that is proving very effective. They have a knack for getting the ball to each other at the right time and in the right spot. Just like a clock that turns both ways. Another theory for the ever-inquisitive Kyrie Irving.

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Photo via Matt West/Boston Herald