Green Envy: What Bucks fans said - 12/4

The Celtics rolled to their third straight victory Monday night with a 111-100 win over the Milwaukee Bucks. This was already the third meeting between the two teams, so the opposing fans knew exactly what they were getting into. Here's what they were talking about as the Celtics handed them another loss:

Top Three

Refs with probe up their a** that buzzes to remind them to call foul for Kyrie. BZZZZZZZZZ. HELP HIM!

I watched this while listening to the Celtics guys. I deserve some kind of reward in my opinion.

COME ON BOYS, TRY TO WIN -I have no words for this comment...instead, I have a gif:

Boston Point Guard Hate

I hate Kyrie.

Not a fan of Irving.

Everything about Smart’s game disgusts me. Just completely unlikeable.'

Nice shot Smart. My god is He awful.

Marcus Smart will more than likely cost the Celtics a championship.

smart thinking he is kyrie lol

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Man referees in Boston might be the worst sight in the NBA

This is literally unwatchable

Man can their luck run out or what?

0 pts, 4 reb for our centers tonight.

Giannis is the best player on our team. -Hot take of the century by this dude

No way the refs let us come back.

Boston is quickly becoming my least favorite teams. I mean there will always be the **** Bulls, but the Celts are very hateable

We always look worse right after Kidd talks to the team. Not a coincidence.

My God this is a defensive disaster

GARBAGE GAME! GARBAGE TEAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is disgusting. FAKE ass team

Need to chill a bit, Celtics are a 20-4 team for a reason. -A voice of reason in a world of overreacting!

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