Green Envy: What Pacers fans said - 12/18

In case you turned off the game when the Celtics were down by five with 27 seconds left, yes, this Green Envy means that the Celtics ended up winning! If you missed the hectic finish, click here to find out how the Celtics blew a 19 point lead, trailed by 5 with under 30 seconds remaining, and then came back to win. After a finish like this, you gotta wonder what was running through the mind of the Pacers. Well, lucky for you, you get to find out. Here's what Pacers fans said as they witnessed a heartbreaking loss.

Top Three

So this is how the knicks felt when Reggie scored 8 in 9...

I just watched one of the most stupid decisions in basketball history in person.

Sometimes I think these guys are so good at 3s that you should just foul. Irving can’t hit two 3s from the free throw line

The Crazy Ending: An Ode to Bojan Bogdanovic

I'm absolutely furious. One incompetent player shouldn't be allowed to ruin things for everyone else like that.

Boy, Bogdanovic is not a high IQ player and not a good passer.

bojan, you ****ing idiot

Bojan???? Worst pass ever!

that has to be the most stupid L in nba history

I wouldn't have expected such a boneheaded play from Bogdanovic. Celtics seem to have to be the clutchest team in the NBA.

OK, I go outside for a beer and a smoke. Still have nightmares about what Bojan just did.

That is one of the worst endings I've ever seen. I'm getting drunk...

This one makes me sick.

I wonder if Coach told him to throw a high jump ball to mid-court?

That was.. the most heartbreaking end to a Pacers game I think I've ever seen.

Reminder that Bojan is an ~84% FT shooter.

One of the worst brain farts in Pacers history

Bogdanovich is absolute garbage

A very, very, very painful, undeserved loss. Oladipo, and the crew played their hearts out in the fourth, and to end like that... WOW...
I am extremely disappointed.

Not sure ive even seen the hornets lose a game quite like that. Bogdanovic probably shouldnt be in right there. What a choke job sheesh
-I guess this guy was so traumatized from the loss that he forgot what team he was watching!

Best of the Rest

Al Horford has more than twice the assists of our entire team

Marcus Smart has turned into Steph Curry for some reason

10 for ****in 10

Al Jefferson? Logged in to say that

Dale Davis shows up and Boston soils themselves

We just let a guy shoot 5 free-throws in 1 possession.

Phantom foul on Young, Domas gets whacked - no foul. Hate NBA. Reffing is messing with a beautiful game.
-Were you not watching when the Pacers took their 38 free-throws to Boston's 14?

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