Green Envy: What Warriors fans said - 11/16

I'm going to enjoy this one. The Boston Celtics are victorious yet again after a thrilling comeback win over the Golden State Warriors. For the 14th time in a row, let's celebrate with another Green Envy! Here's what Warriors fans were saying as they witnessed their reigning champs fall in Boston.

Top Three

High Elbows Baines is on this team for a reason
stay clear Warriors, take it from Kyrie

Passes to Pachulia are typically not a good idea

Iguodala turning back the f*****g clock -Wow, I haven't heard a "get some" chirp since middle school

Blame it on the refs

Refs keeping BOS in the game

refs taking care of BOS

f*ck off refs

Refs are the biggest challenge right now to the Warriors

Worst officiating of the year

if these refs stay on the floor it will be hard to get a win

refs taking over again

What a shitty game
refs ruined this one

Christmas came early for the Celtics
So many gifts from the refs

Full Slate

zaza and stuff

brown is apparently just allowed to foul anyone he wants

Is Boston typically this bad at shooting?

Curry looks drunk as hell

loooooool at Marcus Smart -yea, we get that a lot

Wow, Jaylen Brown is looking like Kawhi on defense out there -*wink emojis*

This is BS

Game turned when Zaza was taken out

Zaza is containing the shit out of Horford
I keep saying it but f*** it, Zaza is playing perfect defense on Horford -idk, I just found these funny

Good for BOS
Clearly they want this more right now and are hustling way more

We need more points -astute observation!

They acting like they won the championship, similar to Houston. It's November. -All i gotta say is: 14

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