Green Envy: What Magic fans said - 11/24/17

The Boston Celtics rocked their alternate jerseys on Black Friday, fitting as the black threads with the green trim suited both the namesake of the day after Thanksgiving and the darkness that they poured into the hearts of the Orlando Magic's fanbase after yet another debilitating loss. The C's had their highest scoring half of the season to open up the game with 74 points heading into the break and they led the game coast-to-coast, shaking off their first loss in a month on Wednesday night with ease. The Magic fans were a wee bit depressing tonight. This game marked their 7th-straight loss after a promising start to the season.

Top Three:

The CIA need to introduce watching Magic games as a new torture method

We'll face either Boston or Cleveland in the first round if we make it there. That matchup is gonna be streamed live on Brazzers

Jeff Green is not walking through that door

Matador Defense:

Open threes, open buckets in the paint. What are we actually defending?

interesting approach to defense from Augustin - just run away from the red hot shooter in the corner.

that's the 4th 3 I've seen that Boston have been gifted because NO ONE works over on the screen.

We're capable of a good defensive possession. We had one a few minutes ago. Just one though.

Fairly confident that 5 cardboard cutouts would do a better defensive job than this

Full Slate:

Ahh chit. Didn't know our next game was vs Boston. They are coming off a loss after a 16 game win streak and with how we have been playing lately, this could be really ugly.

Another blowout looming

As long as this game is respectable I'm happy

No better team to start a new win record against than the Magic I guess...

I’ll watch but I’m not expecting it to be pretty.

hell no Im not watching this massacre

im not watching this, i give up, im done peace yall.

I said to myself I'm not staying late anymore to watch this chit, but here I am again...

Only just tuned in can someone explain to me how we allowed 40 points in the first??

Kyrie could easily go for a career high

Jayson Tatum's game is clean af

73 in a half!?😭

Forfeit the 2nd half Boston. I bet a random 5 guys from the stands could hold off our starting lineup in the 3rd quarter.

Our entire team combined doesn't give a quarter of the effort that Smart or Brown does.

Not many teams can help other teams create missmatches like Magic can tho.

oh look at that elfrid made some points

Irving just carving up our defense like some thanksgiving turkey.
What team doesn't he carve up though?

If we traded for Smart he would be our best rim protector lol

They have 5 guys that can shoot on the floor and the floor looks huge for them. This Boston team is for real

Are we in full tank mode or something?

Biyombo is unplayable

Tear it all down, I'm ready for a full rebuild. This team isn't going to accomplish a damn thing

I had a dream a couple nights ago that the magic had lost by 100. I'm starting to wonder if it was just a dream or if it was a premonition


If we don't see half the team traded by the deadline I'll be severely disappointed. The other half can wait until the next off-season.

I have seen two natural disasters this year: First Hurricane Irma and now Marreese Speights trying to play basketball.

ok i'm gonna kill myself now after that play

Man we either blow teams out or get blown out. Can't we lose like a normal team at least and not by double digits every time
The “Blowing out teams” days are over friend.

The horror "cabin fever" is on my tv, but Magic defense is way more scary

all we do is shoot 3s!3s!3s! no matter what

I can see why Ainge wasn’t interested in Ibaka for Rozier

Realistically, how much longer are we stuck with Vogel?

Well, can we just start trusting the process already
What process lol

Remember when there was denial that regression was incoming during the 5-0 start?
We were all fools...again

I'm taking a break from watching magic games man. This is tough to watch. No heart.

Hezonja doesn't look like he's ever played basketball.

Let's be real the only thing the 5-0 start did was worsen the inevitable top 10 pick the Magic get at the end of the year.

"Let's trade Tobias and his 16 mil a year contract in order to pay Biyombo 18 mil per year"
"Let's trade for Ibaka for 6 months and give up Oladipo and Sabonis, 2 players who are better than everyone on this team except Gordon"
Just Orlando Magic things

I'm thinking about picking up a foreign language or learning Python in all the free time I'm going to have not having to watching Magic games this year.

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