Vegas reacts to Hayward's injury

Hey fellow gambling addicts, it's time to get your checkbooks back out, because this injury to Gordon Hayward changed everything that we thought that we knew about the Boston Celtics' season-long lines. While it's absolutely devastating that Hayward is injured, there could be a bright side for us junkies.

And no, you incriminating, oversensitive dingbats. I'm not implying that the injury to Gordon is a blessing in anyway whatsoever. Before you start sounding the alarm and airing your disgust about how some asshole Cs' writer insinuated that his injury is a good thing, check yourself, and hear me out, because realistically, these new odds could help us to gain some hard-earned gambling money.
It's likely that Hayward won't return at all this season, and I'm all for it. The guy should be encouraged to have a complete and full recovery, no matter how long it takes. This year may be in jeopardy without #20 in the lineup, but the next few seasons are still looking extremely bright, especially after seeing how Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum have played in these first two contests. Let him rest and focus on rehab so that the 2018-2019 Celtics can bring home the bacon for us.

But, hypothetically speaking, what if Haystacks does return this season. Well, then, we may be having a holly, jolly early Christmas in Vegas this summer, because the oddsmakers just lowered all playoff and championship odds to our benefit.

Before GH got hurt, the Cs were named 10/1 favorites to win the title, but after the gruesome injury that we witnessed on Tuesday night, the odds were doubled, and made 20/1. Similarly, odds to win the Eastern Conference were adjusted after Hayward's setback, being shifted from 9/4 to 6/1. If Gordie can return for the playoffs, and comes back in effective form, then we may have just doubled our NBA Finals winnings. Of course, you'll have to place another wager, but hey, might as well, right? Lets hope that the Basketball Gods use their curing powers, and bestow upon Gordon a heaping of spiritual healing, for his benefit....and for ours.

I hope that everybody was more intuitive than I was and took Tatum's original Rookie of the Year odds, because without Hayward, his minutes and role will be majorly increased, and according to Westgate SuperBook, the youngster's projections were densified and changed from 12/1 to 11/2. It'll be a lot of fun to see the rookie unleashed in his debut season.

God Speed, Gordon. Go Celtics, and go us!

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