The King's crown snatched by Jaylen- for the moment anyway

Jaylen Brown is an NBA player with all the tools. Physique, athleticism, intelligence and determination. He admits to being nervous about guarding Lebron James in the playoffs last season, but maybe The King should be a bit twitchy about guarding Jaylen. The photo in the tweet below is hilarious, not so much for Brown's jam on James, but for Lebron's expression. If any readers have a clever caption for the tweet photo, send it to us in the comments section. No prizes, but I will announce the winner in a subsequent article. It is a great photo.

Below you will find the lyrics to Jaylen's own rap song that he used to quell the nerves before each of the five playoff games against Lebron's Cavs. I did a previous article on Jaylen and the song in September for CelticsLife.

Game day and it’s time to focus in. … Is you ready, I can feel you breathing heavy, keep it steady. I just gotta pretend that I got it all together when I don’t. Probably wanna throw up but I won’t … just breathe. —Jaylen Brown, Building Blocks

Breathe in, breathe out, listen to my voice breathe in, breathe out. (Expletive) you ain’t got a choice, breathe in, breathe out. I can feel my hands sweaty, I can feel my legs heavy. —Jaylen Brown, Building Blocks

Going past Lebron for the dunk speaks for itself, but the song must have helped. Brown seems much more relaxed (if he ever looks that way) and confident. Take a look at Max Lederman's numbers in the tweet below. If correct, they show Brown's effectiveness on defense.

Take a good look at the shirtless photo of Jaylen. That is a true athlete's physique. His body fat level is 5.05%, definitely in the elite athlete category. Last season it looked like he was playing basketball as if it was an accelerated chess game. He may have thought too much and reacted too slowly. That has changed. His muscle memory and experience, paired with athleticism, have yielded a player with perhaps a very high ceiling.

I feel All Star in the next few years is quite probable. All Star this year is reachable for him. Going back to that hilarious tweet photo of the two players, Lebron just looked surprised, even stunned. He may have been impressed. Actually,The King looks like someone just might have snatched the crown right off his head. Or that may be a future event. Time, gravity and the earth (both flat and otherwise) are closely linked. Kyrie Irving might have the answer. Give me some captions for the weird-look-on-The-King's-face photo.

Jaylen Brown photo via Instagram