Green Envy: What Sixers fans said - 10/20/17

The Boston Celtics rattled off their first win of the young 2017-18 season over the Philadelphia 76ers and of course there's only one way to celebrate on Celtics Life. It was a sloppy game all around but the Celtics managed to overcome an awful 1st half and an 8 point deficit to keep the Sixers winless. Needless to say, the Philly fans weren't thrilled.

Top Three:

what position does Amir Johnson play?
cement shoe adviser

I should’ve had more beers for this one.

Lets pump the brakes on a Sixer playoff run

Fultz Hate:

Fultz will be fine - he's 19 - I luv his aggressiveness
Aggressive, yeah…… slow motion inside finishes that get blocked into the third row, not so much

Tatum is putting Fultz to shame
By a fucking mile

Fultz needs to learn a finishing move
Probably too young for Mortal Kombat
Yeah but if he pulls the defender's skull and spine out all at once he might have a chance to make a layup

What concerns me is that Boston passed up on Fultz and I think I see why

What I see is a shooting guard who can’t shoot or shoot free throws.

Full Slate:

Celtics go 0-3 tonight.
I could see them losing three games in one night.

A win tonight could really intensify the hot seat Brad Stevens is on
They needed him to reel in Hayward. Now he’s expendable. Sad!
Wow, I get you hate the Celtics, but are you all on drugs?

Fire Brett Brown right now, please. Post Embiid, dammit!

Wow Embiid is really making life easy for Boston staying on the perimeter like that

Dario with the fresh haircut. Feeling good.

Embiid could score a 100 on Bayne on the block. He’s got to stop falling luv w/ that 3pt shot so early

Kind of scary that he can’t "out athlete" anyone at the rim.

I think it’s hysterical that Aigne trades the #1 pick b/c he wants Jackson & then Jackson refuses to work out for them and they get stuck w/ one trick pony 2 pt jump shooter Jason Tatum

Tell me why the fuck Amir is on this team if he can’t rebound.

Is it just me or is this team having major issues defending and rebounding.

Brad Stevens is a smart coach

why is joel embiid out dancing around at the 3 point line?
because he’s super winded all the time

Both teams look like butt.

Nice "close out" Amir. WTF was that.

Bayless is awful every nite but at least he's consistent

This Celtics team is not good lol

Amir Johnson now has 3 airballs from 2 feet out on the season.

Just sit Embiid. I’ve seen enough of him for the day.

Is Baynes the best center in the league?

Baynes is a D-League scrub & Jojo has not posted him up even one time. Do we have a Coach???

If Embiid cant post up this Bum then put Okafor in the game
This is hands down the dumbest thing i have read on here in a long long time.

it will take time for this team to come together… more than we would like to admit.

It’s painfully obvious we have nobody on the roster who can guard a PG.
Nobody can really guard Kyrie

i hope the pelt these refs with car batteries after this game ends. just goddamn awful officiating

Why not try Okafor? Can’t really be worse than Amir

I should’ve had more beers for this one.

what a piece of shit effort by everyone.

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