Kyrie Irving gets Sports Illustrated cover

On this weeks cover of Sports Illustrated, Kyrie Irving is front and center, something he has been used to for the past three months. Irving wanted to leave Cleveland to escape from LeBrons' shadow and become "the man", and he seems to be getting the recognition he wanted.

Believing he is a "franchise" player has worked in Irving's favor due to the love and hospitality he has received in Boston. Irving also will be coached by Brad Stevens, who has a track record of having players reach their maximum potential.

During his time in Cleveland, Irving never had a coach that could mentor him and take him under their wing. Since his rookie season his three coaches were; Mike Brown, David Blatt and Tyronn Lue... no wonder he wanted to leave.

When you think of the trade, you have to give credit to Danny Ainge for finally trading for his superstar. Since the Celtics couldn't beat the Cavaliers, the only thing to do was to trade for one of their best players, Kyrie Irving.

Expect Irving to play with a chip on his shoulder this year in order to shut up the haters who claim he is not a team leader. The whole city of Boston is behind him and the entire new Celtics roster.