Green Envy: What Knicks fans said - 10/24/17

The New York Knicks came into Boston for a tilt with the Celtics and...well, they showed up to the arena. That's about it. They were manhandled from start to finish in a game dominated by two of the youngest Celtics, Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum. With most of the fans in New York dedicated to a full-on tank this season, the loss comes as no surprise. Although, it doesn't seem any less demoralizing for them either.

Top Three:

Whose gonna guard KP on the celtics since Marcus Smart aint playing?

I have been wAtching the Knicks since the 60s. I really can't recall a worse backcourt.

How about we explore a kp to Boston trade for Tatum and brown

Gas up the Tank:

If we play up to our potential, this should be an easy loss.

Bulls out there competing with the cavs in cleveland
Good for the Bulls I hope they win because I don't want them out tanking us.

Please no to Bledsoe or any other trade for a pg. Can we just tank for once and let the chips fall where they may.

I must say, that Knick's tank is full of gas.

Full Slate:

Jeff needs to change the starting line-up for this game. Why start 2 undersized shooting guards against (2) 6 8' wings? Disaster written all over it.

S/O Hardaway for not boxing out

It is going to be a long season watching Tim Hardaway Jr. I can't stand when a guard jacks up a 3 when we have a 7'3 player averaging 30ppg being guarded by KYRIE ****ING IRVING. PASS THE BALL TIM.

Knicks are unwatchable.

Well the good ball movement, and hustle defense lasted the first half against OKC.. Hasn't been back sense

They are much better than us.

Wasting money on Tim. Wasting money on Noah. The beat goes on

Yeah Hornacek, please call a timeout only when we are down 20. Thanks!

We need hoodie Hardaway
We need bench Hardaway

BOS is so well coached... but we really suck... forget Bledsoe... we have a legit shot at a top 3 pick.

Hardaway was in the g league had 30 good games and got paid
yup and we the suckers who fell for it

Where's Clyde?
Clyde said f this , I want no parts of this team there is no way in hell you can even pay me to watch these games . I’m going on vacation to st croy for the whole season . Call be around Xmas time so I can come do my holiday knicks recording and make a paycheck .

Kanter might be the dumbest defender next to Amare

Hard way misses point blank layups

Are we still running the triangle?

i thought we traded melo to play team ball and defense but its the same shit so far

KP please show up, not looking for the win but looking for better effort, you didn't even jump for that layup.

Kanter can score and rebound, he sucks at everything else. Hopefully some team bites and trades for him.

I heard Pitino is available.

Knicks look like the Keystone cops

Timmy is trash. He is a bench scorer. A young JR Smith without the funny persona.

We can't stop a 5th grade team. SAD!!!

Could of signed rondo

Tatum and brown are the future of Boston those two kids are something else .

Wow, when you see the Knicks play like this it makes you wonder. If there are any teams in the league that are worse than the Knicks we saw tonight, then this league needs to consolidate immediately.

We are the worst team in the league.

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