Gordon Hayward to need surgery, timetable to return uncertain (+ presser video)

After last night's gruesome injury to star Boston Celtics wing Gordon Hayward, fans have anxiously been waiting for news.

The official word coming down from the team is that Hayward will in fact require surgery on the ankle, which suffered both a dislocation and broken tibia, but no timetable for his return has been offered.

Given the risk of rushing back too soon from such a serious injury, this is probably the wisest path. And it's also worth noting Brad Stevens says he's expecting a full recovery. We aren't hearing anything about ligament damage (yet), or his return this season being ruled out, either. So, take that with a grain of salt - as bad as this has been, it most certainly could be worse.

For now, let's concentrate on Gordon getting better - and the rest of the squad a home win against the Milwaukee Bucks.

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Image: Sporting News
Video: CBS Boston
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