Gordon Hayward injures leg in first minutes of Cavs opener

Gordon Hayward has injured his leg on a play early in the first quarter, and it does not look good.

Fighting for control of the ball near the basket with LeBron James, Hayward came down awkwardly and appeared to break his angle based on the gruesome angle it sat while his face contorted into a mask of agony.

I'm not posting any videos or pictures of the break itself, but if you feel the need to see it, it's pretty easy to find. Preliminary reports from both team's medical squads is that Gordon has a fractured ankle; he's currently on his way to the hospital for a more detailed analysis.

What this means for Hayward, the Boston Celtics, and the season more generally remains linked to exactly how Gordon fares, so do what you do when things are down, because this guy could really use our support right now.

Expect more details on this developing story.

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Image: NBA
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