Celtics have one open roster spot-who could fill it?

After the Gordon Hayward's devastating injury, Danny Ainge is left with more unanswered questions...who will fill the 15th roster spot?

The Celtics might want to keep the roster spot open, and use the Disabled Player Exemption (DPE). The reason for this is, if a team loses a player, generally a key rotation player who also makes a large salary. Following Hayward's injury, the Celtics find themselves in this predicament.

Danny will wait until it is official Hayward will not return this season. He will have to apply to the NBA for a DPE, and get it granted. If the NBA-approved physician rules Hayward out through June 15th, the NBA can grant the Celtics a DPE.

When asked about the question, Brad Stevens had this to say before their home season opener against the Milwaukee Bucks.

One name that first come to mind is Gerald Green, the savvy veteran who played for the Celtics last season. He was a great locker room presence, especially for the young guys. He has proven to preform in any role, especially in the playoffs. When the Celtics fell behind 0-2 to the eighth seed, Chicago Bulls, Green has put into the staring lineup. In game four, he scored 18 points, and finished with 16 points in the series clinching game six.

Another name to keep in eye on is former number two pick, Derrick Williams, who was drafted right behind Kyrie Irving. He has underachieved in his years in the NBA, but has proven he can contribute off the bench to a contending team. 

In 25 games last season with the Cleveland Cavaliers, Williams averaged 6.2 points per games, while shooting 40.4% from three. These are solid numbers for a bench player. Williams would add athleticism and the ability to defend multiple positions which will allow the Celtics to play "small ball." 

Monta Ellis could be an option for the Celtics, however he would be my least favorite signing. He is a natural scorer who would be a nice piece to complement Kyrie, but both players are isolation type guards and want the ball in their hands. 

I would be inclined to signing Ellis because of his ability to fill the hole, however I think his main flaw of being an isolation player outweighs his positive advantages. 

To play the devil's advocate, maybe we are overthinking this entire situation because maybe Danny Ainge might not want to sign a 15th player. Leaving the slot open is a good idea to help facilitate trades, especially if Danny is acquiring assets. 

Photo Credit (Danny Ainge): CBS Sports (Boston)

Photo Credit (Gerald Green): Sportingnews.com

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Photo Credit (Monta Ellis): Kevin Jairaj (USA Sports)