Video: Who cares if Paul Pierce and Ray Allen are talking again?

If there's anything I like less than the Ray Allen departure drama, it's Mike Felger's opinions about basketball.

That said, I am sure at least some of you agree with the general sentiment he's sharing in this video. While I do agree this conflict needs to end or be declared forever insoluble - at this point, I could care less - Felger's usual shtick pretty much derails anything he has to say, and for me, this is no exception. Is he right that Ray's former teammates need to get over it, or did he deserve his time in Celtics gulag? Loyalty may again be a current topic with the Isaiah Thomas trade fresh in our memories, but I don't think it is going to bring us any closer to such a subjective issue's resolution no matter how this plays out.

How about you all?

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Image: Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images
Video: CSNNE
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