Jayson Tatum is a mama's boy

"Clean up your room!" is something that Jayson Tatum may be hearing for the foreseeable future, because just a few months after being drafted by the Boston Celtics and signing his first NBA contract worth upward of five million dollars, Tatum has decided live in the same building as his mother. But don't worry, the young stud won't have his style cramped too much, because while the two will live in the same complex, they won't be sharing the same space. In fact, the two will be living on separate floors.

Tatum's mother, Brandy Cole, not only supported her son in becoming a world-class athlete, but also pushed him to succeed academically, which is why she was psyched when Jayson decided to go to Duke University to play under Coach K. "Coach K won't retire your jersey until you graduate. That's a big thing for me," she said in 2016. Cole has three degrees herself, and has encouraged her son to eventually return to Duke to obtain his own diploma.

The first round draft pick is still just a kid, at 19 years young, and is happy to have his mother with him in his new city. I'm sure that the home-cooked meals and bed time stories were a huge incentive in having mom around, but those perks aside, the two have a great relationship. "She's my best friend. I'm the biggest mama's boy ever, and I'm proud to say that," says Tatum.

The Cs have been missing a team-mom ever since Ray Allen left town, and it'd be lovely if Cole could step right in and take over the role. It's always great to see a player's mother going bonkers court-side because of a big win or bad call. Does anyone remember in 2008, during the Cs' title run, when Paul Pierce got a mouthful from LeBron James' mom? And LeBron reacted by telling his dearest mother to "sit her ass down?" Absolute classic. Shame on you LeBron! Do we need to wash your mouth out with soap!? Respect your elders!

Anyways, it's good to have another family-man in town.

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