Celtics unveil new jerseys in the creepiest way possible

The Celtics revealed their 2017-18 jerseys at an event in Boston last night, with a few of the new guys showing up to check out their new threads:

The jerseys look great, including the new "Statement" alternates that feature a black shirt with green and white trim. Here's a look at all three of the C's new jerseys, and what better way to show them off then to put them on those mimes that look like statues!

I prefer the ice sculpture featuring the new threads over the mimes 10 times out of 10:

In case the photos weren't enough to haunt your dreams tonight, here's a nice video to do the trick:

I really like the new alternates, but however you feel about them I think we can all agree we're in a better place now that those horrendous grey sleeved jerseys have been put out to pasture. Those gave me worse nightmares than these mimes ever will.

Photo Credit - SI.com

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