Videos: Kyrie Irving - Isaiah Thomas trade FINALLY done

I think we're all quite over this trade by now, but if you want to hear ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski break down the deal's details, this video is exactly what you're looking for:

Woj is being especially generous with the Cleveland Cavaliers, who shook down the Boston Celtics in the cheapest, tackiest manner I personally can recall in over three decades of basketball fandom, something that did not go unnoticed in the national media:

Let me just go ahead and say that absolutely nobody won this trade, even if they could see into the future. Everybody got dragged, some (coughDanGilbertcough) probably deserved to be dragged a lot more than they did, and a lot of folks - especially Isaiah Thomas - deserved better. I'm going to add both the Celtics and Cavs fanbases, the latter reluctantly for sticking with such a terrible, terrible organization.

Is it October yet?

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Image: CavaliersNation
Video: #1- ESPN ; #2- ESPN
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