Video: NBA reveals Isaiah Thomas' Top 10 plays of the 2016-17 season

For Isaiah Thomas, the 2016-17 NBA season was definitely special. Thomas led the Boston Celtics to the conference finals as the number one seed in the East, with an impressive 28.9 points per game. Finishing the season ranked third in scoring, Isaiah was in the MVP conversation all year long. Voted an all-star and branded the King of the Fourth, Thomas' play all season was nothing less than elite. After watching these top ten plays, that speak for themselves, you might just find yourself yelling, "Get the Brinks truck!"

One thing to make note of is that four out of Isaiah's top ten plays were assists. Thomas is definitely an underrated passer and I think this is due in part to the lack of assists in the stat column. Isaiah averaged 5.9 assists in the 2016-17 season, because the shot actually needs to go in for it to count. With the addition of flat out scorer Gordon Hayward during the offseason, I see this number going up substantially. With that being said, the NBA is going to need a bigger top plays list after this upcoming basketball season.

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