Isaiah wants to be in Boston

Isaiah Thomas has been in the Boston area the last couple days. He took time out of his morning to have a rather candid interview with Gary Washburn of the Boston Globe:

There are some very interesting tidbits to glean from this three minute back and forth. For starters, Thomas makes the point that he only talks about his contract so much, because people keep bringing it up. Many fans who are against Isaiah getting a huge contract, point to the idea that he is constantly talking about it. In reality, what is the man supposed to do? We badger players for not answering questions from the media, and then turn around and use it against them when they do.

Another interesting response Isaiah had came when he was talking about his future in Boston. He reiterated on multiple occasions that he wants to return to Boston. His kids go to school here, his career was reborn here and he knows the great position this team is in. However, Thomas also knows this is a business, and that he has to do what is best for him, something he spoke to during this interview.

Take a look at the rest of this interview. Isaiah speaks about attending New England Patriots practice, having a leadership role and the much talked about custom flip-flops. Let me know what you think. Thanks for reading!

Photo Credit: Greg M. Cooper/USA Today Sports