Isaiah Thomas' health was a factor in blockbuster trade

As you have probably heard, Isaiah Thomas is a Cleveland Cavalier and Kyrie Irving is a member of the Boston Celtics. Fans searching for reasons as to why the trade was made may not have to look anymore:

A concern for many, was all but confirmed by Danny Ainge. While fans had hoped that Isaiah would be ready for training camp, it now looks as if Thomas will not even be ready for the start of the season. An undersized guard with hip problems is not good news, especially for a player whose game is predicated on quick moves and cuts. Hip injuries have been known to be reoccurring for players of "normal stature,"making the Isaiah injury even more daunting.

Fans who are against the trade, will argue that this was all information that was already known. Brad Stevens and Ainge knew that the rehabilitation process would be long. One would assume they had some inkling of how far along Thomas was in his healing. If there was only "some concern," it was concern that had clearly not been great enough to keep them from trading Avery Bradley or avoiding Markelle Fultz. However, a tweet from Jeff Goodman may clear this up:

Notice the change in language. First, there was some role, indicating that it may have not been the major factor in the trade. Goodman's tweet seems to show that it may have played a larger role than Ainge would like to admit. While it is not known exactly when Isaiah will be back, Danny made it sound as if he would be back to full speed at some point during the season. Obviously something he believed earlier in the offseason, or he would not have made the moves he made.

What do you guys think? Was Isaiah's questionable hip reason enough to trade him? What other reasons do you believe were behind the trade itself?

Photo Credit: Elsa/Getty Images