Gordon Hayward is in Boston. Fresh cut, new suit...press conference today?

The Boston Celtics newest prized offseason acquisition Gordon Hayward is in the city and getting fresh for a press conference to announce his signing that could come as soon as today. While Danny Ainge has spent the past few days creating room for Hayward's max-deal it would appear that Hayward flying in from his vacation home in San Diego would mean that his official signing must be imminent. He was spotted yesterday suit shopping and said that he needed a suit for today:

That story was backed up by the Boston barber who cut his hair yesterday, who also said that Hayward mentioned that his press conference would be today:

Those Jazz fans still showing up in Hayward's Instagram comments. Perhaps I was wrong to only do a Green Envy on the Miami fans.

With Gordon in town and ready to be introduced to the Boston faithful you have to assume that the Celtics have informed him that they'll be officially signing him in the next day or so. I'm not so sure that they'd do it on a Saturday so I fully expect them to make a move sometime today to create the space.

According to Adrain Wojnarowski the Celtics are finalizing a deal sending Avery Bradley to Detroit in exchange for Marcus Morris:

Looks like one thing is for sure, the Celtics had no problem at all handing over Ray Ray's #20 based on Gordon's Instagram profile:

Photo Credit - The Ringer

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