Video: 2016-2017 Boston Celtics bloopers and funny moments

The end of the season means that it's time for the annual Celtics Life blooper reel, which compiles video clips from all the funny moments over the course of the year. (Apologies that the video is a little late this year, as there were some technical difficulties with a corrupted file that had to be fixed).

This year's video includes the following clips and more:
  • Isaiah Thomas gives Marcus Smart a piggyback ride
  • Terry Rozier plays dodge ball with Richard Jefferson
  • Jaylen Brown does his best KG "bar fight" impersonation
  • Dwyane Wade's defense is so bad it makes Amir Johnson's pants fall off
  • A young Celtics fan makes fun of Joakim Noah's free throw form
  • Avery Bradley and Jae Crowder play rock, paper, scissors to determine who shoots a technical free throw
  • Compilation: Marcus Smart, Flopping Legend
  • Fred Hoiberg walks out of a press conference after being asked a question about Isaiah Thomas
  • Danny Ainge, Gerald Green, and Isaiah Thomas make a rap video
  • Amir Johnson gets nailed in the face with the ball
  • Al Horford appears to have a video game glitch
  • The smallest jump ball ever - Isaiah Thomas vs Tyler Ulis
  • Missed dunks and lay-ups from Kelly Olynyk, Jaylen Brown, Jae Crowder, and Terry Rozier 
  • Gerald Green the mummy
  • Robin Lopez tries to untie Jae Crowder's shoes
  • Jonas Jerebko gets his ankles broken
  • Brian Scalabrine wears a jacket with his name spelled wrong on the back
  • Celtics players do the wave on the bench during a boring game against the Bulls
  • Al Horford gets scared by the ball
  • Gerald Green plays a game of hot potato by himself
As a bonus, several former Celtics make appearances at the end, including:
  • Paul Pierce dresses as Rick James for Halloween
  • Kevin Garnett and Rasheed Wallace introduce the cuss button to KG's Area 21
  • Kevin Garnett accidentally cusses on live TV
  • 5'9" Nate Robinson goes underneath the legs of a 7'2" defender during a D-League game
  • Gigi Datome makes an International Shaqtin' a Fool appearance

What were your favorite funny moments from this season? Did we miss any? Sound off in the comments below.

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