Thomas follows Blake Griffin on IG...and Blake follows him back

Blake, Isaiah and DeAndre Jordan at Jamal Crawford's wedding
Forgive me if the IG follow train making stops at the IT and Blake Griffin terminals this week have me less excited than a similar route connecting Thomas and Gordon Hayward did last week.

This isn't because I am opposed to Griffin joining the Boston Celtics (he's probably the only other max guy on the market I'd be OK with Boston signing, actually); it's just hard to lose my mind over breadcrumbs which might be a sign the Celtics have an inside circuit to a big-name signing come July...but might also be all that's left of the cookies the Bryan Colangelo just stole from every Celtics fan anticipating a Markelle Fultz selection tomorrow afternoon.

That said, there were plenty of small clues that the Philadelphia 76ers trade was a possibility beforehand, so the situation we saw with Gordon Hayward, Isaiah, and Instagram might actually have some substance to it even though all evidence quickly disappeared, particularly when you throw in Al Horford jumping on the same follow train. And in this case, the Griffin follow by Thomas was met with a follow in return from Blake, still up as of five p.m. EST this Wednesday.

Should we believe Boston is really the favorite to land Griffin, as some of intimated? Is this evidence of such a development? Or are we turning over every pebble in search of Danny Ainge's plans on a fools errand? It's hard to say, but with the NBA being as crazy as it has been in the past few days, you can't blame folks for trying.

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