The Boston Celtics – 2017-2018

They didn’t put a tri-monster on the floor like James/Irving/Love for the Cavaliers or Curry/Durant/Thompson for the Warriors. Still, the Boston Celtics, behind the magnificent work of guard Isaiah Thomas and Head Coach Brad Stevens, put together a remarkable season. The fact they actually secured the top-seed for the Eastern Conference playoffs is something that shouldn’t be lost on the rest of the league. It was hard to imagine the Celts were going to beat the Cavaliers in the Eastern Conference finals, but the team made a strong showing all the way up to the point Thomas went down with a devastating injury.

The future is indeed bright for the Celtics organization. Thanks to the wizardly activities of GM Danny Ainge, the Celtics are poised to put together an impressive run over the next couple of years. This year, the Celtics held the #1 draft choice. They have since traded that pick to the Philadelphia 76ers in exchange for the #3 pick overall and a future #1 pick. This was an incredible move, made possible by the fact this year’s draft class is a little suspect and the Celts weren’t particularly interested in the two players who figure to go one and two.

In addition to adding a nice piece in the draft, perhaps forward Jackson from the Kansas Jayhawks, the Celtics figure to be big players in the free agency market. With plenty of room under the salary cap (thank you Mr. Ainge), the team is poised to make a serious run at players like Jimmy Butler from the Chicago Bulls, Gordon Hayward from the Utah Jazz or even Blake Griffin from the Los Angeles Clippers.

Of this group, Hayward makes the most sense. After all, he played for coach Stevens when they were both at Butler. Hayward has great athleticism and has proven to be an adept scorer in the NBA. At the right prices, it’s even foreseeable that the Celtics might target two free agents. As things sit now, Stevens has made Boston a desirable destination for a lot of top players across the league. With Thomas and another top piece leading the way, the Celtics and its supporting class should have enough firepower to make a serious run at a few championships.

From a gambling standpoint, the Celtics offer great wagering value in the current future book listings. They are currently listed with popular online bookmakers at prices ranging from 10-1 to 16-1. At 16-1, the value is difficult to get pass. With the Cleveland Cavaliers having a bit of trouble in the front office, Lebron James is again talking of making a change, perhaps to the Los Angeles Lakers. While that would make the Lakers instant contenders, it would remove a huge obstacle for the Celtics in its quest to win an Eastern Conference Championship. Then they just have to figure out how to get past the Golden State Warriors.

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