Marcus Smart is hitting threes now? (video)

Given just how unpredictable this offseason has turned before it's really even begun in earnest, why not have Marcus Smart develop a three stroke?

Not long ago, Smart was the worst player in the league (and second-worst in history, behind only the Boston Celtics' Antoine Walker) to shoot at least 200 three-point shots in a season with a .253 record in the 2015-16 season. He certainly made an improvement this year, if by improvement we mean a .283 record from deep this season, a significant boost in a vacuum, yet still the worst perimeter shooting of any player in the league with more than 200 attempts.

Recently, however, circulated a video of Smart showing off his presumably newfound shooting form, hitting multiple attempts from beyond the arc with apparent ease. Of course, it's a lot easier to hit a trey with nobody guarding you (which has more than a few of us raising our hand to point out Smart missed a fair number of open threes this year, but I digress), and of course the wonders of editing can also go a long way to making appearances seem more than they are, but I do like the form I see in the clip.

When defended by a camera to his back left, Smart shows a crisp, smooth gather and release with a much higher release point. If he can do this with an actual defender on him, next season bodes very well for the C's spacing, to say the least. Until I see it happen, though, I'm going to place this in the "gained-15-pounds-of-muscle" category of offseason developments, though the form looks promising enough. Take a look for yourself and see what you think.

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