Report: Markelle Fultz to work out with Sacramento Kings

The Sacramento Bee's Ailine Voisin reports projected top pick Markelle Fultz will work out with the Sacramento Kings this weekend.

The Kings, who possess the fifth and tenth picks in this year's draft, are almost assuredly out of the range which Fultz could reasonably be expected to fall in even the most radical of draft shake-ups. However, a combination of those picks plus an assortment of young talent on their roster could conceivably be packaged to exchange for the top pick, should such a deal be currently hammered out.

While this may be the intention of Danny Ainge, should the Kings be willing to throw the kitchen sink into the deal in the form of Willie Cauley-Stein, Skal Labissierre and Georgios Pappagiannis and/or future picks (the Kings are unable to include their 2018 or '19 picks due to league rules and existing obligations, but are unencumbered from 2020 onward and possess a healthy supply of second-rounders).

This is, however, quite possibly just a result of Danny doing due diligence; both he and the Boston Celtics organization have been quite vocal on their intentions of doing exactly that, and being thorough is exactly what we want to see from the front office when they have their mitts on one of the most important team-building tools in franchise history. I personally don't think there's any chance we move the pick even if the Kings throw every single asset Ainge could want that's CBA legal, but perhaps he knows something we don't, and hopes to use the threat of a draft shake up to pry some assets out of another club.

At any rate, the draft comes Thursday, June 22, at 7 p.m. EST (ESPN will broadcast it live), just under two weeks from today, so one way or another, the debates will soon be settled.

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