Lakers could be the wrench in a potential deal for #1 pick to Philly

With the news just overflowing from everywhere last night that the Boston Celtics are in advanced talks with the Philadelphia 76ers revolving around the #1 pick in next weeks draft it would be pretty comical if a major holdup ended up being our nemesis in Los Angeles:

When the news broke about the potential deal last night an avalanche of reports followed, and all of them included the Boston Celtics receiving the Sixers 3rd pick in 2017 - among other future 1st round pick(s). A lot of people assumed that perhaps Danny Ainge had fallen in love with Kansas forward Josh Jackson because he fits the Ainge mold having a high-motor, versatility in terms of position, the potential to be a great defender at the NBA level, and of course he can't shoot.

If it's true that Ainge is crestfallen for Jackson then trading the pick is a much better idea than just selecting him #1 overall, but if that is indeed the case there's no chance this deal is going down until after the Lakers make their selection at #2. Ainge is certainly not going to take the risk of losing the guy he really wants and losing out on Markelle Fultz.

The only way this deal goes down before draft night is if the Celtics aren't planning on keeping that pick and instead turning it into another deal for a star (i.e. Jimmy Butler or Paul George). With the word coming out of Los Angeles that the Lakers are leaning towards not taking Lonzo Ball at #2 it would seem likely that Jackson could be their guy instead.

I'm not on board with dealing the pick. I think Fultz is too good to pass on but I also haven't the slightest idea what the potential haul is actually being discussed so I'll wait for something more concrete before I completely lose my mind. Personally, I hope this is just Ainge looking for another godfather offer and if he doesn't get it he just moves on and takes Fultz on Thursday.

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