Josh Jackson cancels draft workout with the Boston Celtics

According to Jeff Goodman of ESPN, former Kansas Jayhawks forward Josh Jackson has cancelled his workout scheduled for today with the Boston Celtics:

Jackson is one of the top talents in the upcoming draft pool and is expected to be selected within the first few picks. The speculation is that he was given a guarantee from either the Los Angeles Lakers or the Philadelphia 76ers that he will slip no further than their selection at 2 or 3 respectively:

I'm not entirely sure where Gambadoro, a Phoenix based sports radio host, gets his Lakers inside scoop but obviously this would greatly effect the Suns who select 4th on draft night and certainly had Jackson on their short-list. This of course all coming after the news coming out of Los Angeles last week that the Lakers weren't sold on taking Lonzo Ball with the #2 pick.

Live look in at Big Baller Brand headquarters:

In all seriousness that Lakers news about who they're planning to take is likely just a smokescreen to get the teams behind them guessing or interested in trading up, but Jackson cancelling a workout with the C's is somewhat strange. Even if you think a team is locked in on a guy, wouldn't you want an opportunity to change their mind if you believe in your abilities? Particularly when said team has a superstar playing the same position as the guy they are supposed to select 1st and Danny Ainge is known to make his decisions regardless of popular opinions.

Perhaps Jackson thinks it's a better situation for him in either LA or Philly, even though the Celtics are clearly the best team of the group. It's funny to me how when some guys come into the league they prefer a city or particular playing situation, but after they've struggled to win for a few years they're ready to join the next superteam wherever it is.

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