CelticsLife Awards 2017: Play of the Year, Playoffs

It's time for award number six, CelticsLife readers - the sixth edition of the 2017 CelticsLife Awards, which, for the new jacks out there, is the CelticsLife writer's choices for the best of the best of the 2016-17 Boston Celtics season. We're combing through the best examples of basketball produced by the Celts across categories such as Play of the Year, Playoffs (which this article covers), Best Performance in a Loss, Game of the Year, Best performance by a duo and many others, with earlier awards in this series linked at the bottom of the article. We've expanded the award categories to account for the extended postseason run, splitting them into regular season and playoff categories (when relevant) to account for the bonanza of excellent basketball we've enjoyed this season. So, housekeeping out of the way, let's jump into the sixth award's potential winners:


Isaiah Thomas-to-Amir Johnson lob, Game Five, Washington Wizards - Boston Celtics

Jonas Jerebko tells Kevin Love to "stop flopping" after they get tangled up

Jaylen Brown sticks the reverse oop, Game Seven of Washington Wizards - Boston Celtics

Brown's and-1 against LeBron James and Kyrie Irving, Game Five, Eastern Conference Finals

Avery Bradley's dagger to beat Cleveland in Game Three of Eastern Conference Finals

Justin Quinn: I want to say it was the and-1 Jaylen Brown scored on Kyrie Irving and LeBron James - it was oh, so flashy and apropos given how the media roasted the kid - but the truth is that the forever-bouncing bucket in the closing seconds of Game Three of the Eastern Conference Finals was absolutely massive, and quite arguably the most important basket of Avery Bradley’s career. Avery may be as likely as any starter not named Amir Johnson to be on another squad next season, and that bucket will make it even harder of a pill to swallow if so.

Mark Allison: Avery’s game-winner against the Cleveland Cavaliers in the Eastern Conference Finals was the one. Not only a tremendous shot from Bradley but it was a helluva play drawn up from Brad Stevens on the sideline, too. His masterwork was on full display in that final minute-plus. If my memory serves me correctly I’m fairly certain the Celtics went three for three on Stevens ATOs (after timeout plays) to close out that game, and win.

Josh Coyne: The Jaylen Brown play was huge, as he showed poise and composure seldom found in any NBA player at any stage of their career, and that happened for Jaylen at only twenty years of age. The way that he took it to the hole like that, against the best player in the game, on the biggest stage, was a significant sign of hope for the future of the franchise.

WINNER Avery Bradley's dagger to beat Cleveland in Game Three of Eastern Conference Finals

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