Is there a place for the Truth on the 2017-18 Celtics?

Consider a wild idea for a moment, if you will.

Paul Pierce, in Boston, on the Celtics regular-season roster next year.

This is mostly fantasy, I think, but not for why you might think. I say that because what would likely need to happen would require a lot of good luck on Boston's part, and while possible, it's definitely a stretch. Let me explain: if the rumored deal to get both Paul George and Gordon Hayward goes down, it'll require parting ways with all players on non-guaranteed deals, stashing most or all players currently overseas, and trading away several key players.

In other words, the roster will be very, very thin, and badly in need of depth. The league's rules allow you to sign every draft pick you have the rights to no matter the cap situation, and the rest can be populated by veteran minimum salaries and exceptions (usually whatever version of the Mid-Level a team is eligible for, but also sometimes the Bi-Annual). There's also two more roster spots to fill with two-way contracts for players who will spend most of their time in the NBA G-League, so even if Boston brought on all its draft picks after making the big moves, there'd still be a need for warm bodies.

Legendary, bench-coaching, locker-room-presence mentor-type warm bodies.

I don't know about you, but I'd be pretty damn happy for such a signing.

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Photo via Boston Magazine/AP
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