Gordon Hayward's wife posts pic of their daughter in a Celtics shirt? Western Conference GM expects Hayward is leaving Utah

A few Gordon Hayward stories in the news these past few days. First there was a rumor that Hayward will also be considering the Miami Heat in free and agency, and then there was a Howard Beck report that one Western Conference GM told him that he expects Hayward to leave the Jazz.

Now today, Hayward's wife Robyn posted a pic on her Instagram with her and their little daughter dressed in a Celtics shirt. Well maybe not an official Celtics shirt, but enough to get the internet going, as Jazz reporter Angie Treasure captions the pic: "Forgive them for they know not what they do to the internet."

The most likely explanation is Hayward's daughter was just wearing a St. Patrick's Day shirt or maybe even a recycling tee is a diehard Celtics fan and her dad will sign with Boston to make her happy. Now that we have that out of the way, the Beck report is good news. All-star free agents don't often leave their teams, but you'll recall when Hayward was last a free agent, the Jazz refused to back up that Brinks truck and Gordon was forced to sign an offer sheet with Charlotte. Of course the Jazz then matched the offer sheet, but Hayward has shown he's not afraid to look elsewhere.

Regarding the Heat, I don't fear them very much. Yes Pat Riley is a snake oil salesmen and weasel and I'm sure he'll give Gordon a good presentation. We'll hear about how Hayward will make more money in Miami than Boston due to Florida's no state income tax blah blah blah. But if Hayward wants the most money, he can just stay in Utah. If he wants the best chance to win, to play with his college coach, and to make it to the Finals, Boston is the pick.

Will Boston sign Hayward? Right now I'd put the odds at about 50%. I definitely wouldn't go clearing cap space on draft day to prepare for the "what if." The Celtics will meet with Hayward and if he says he's in, then Ainge can unload a contract or two to make the financials work.

p.s. CelticsLife requested an interview with the youngest Hayward and she requested that she wanted this shirt. Interesting...

Update: 12:20 AM
Robyn Hayward apparently after realizing the uproar her Instagram post might create with Jazz fans went ahead and posted another picture for clarity. She says the shirt is indeed a St. Patrick's Day shirt. BUT she never says it's not a Celtics shirt too! ;)